Our Vision

Nearly 50% of the world’s population is connected to the internet and over 300 billion digital messages are sent every day.

The individual in 2017 is immensely powerful. We have access to more information and a broader network of people than anyone who has ever come before us.

At Sizung, we believe that the communication revolution will give rise to the productive collaborations needed to solve the world’s most challenging issues. But we aren’t there yet.

The Problem:

The digital communication tools currently available inhibit productive collaboration by forcing us to alter our natural thought processes to accommodate the technology.

  • Conversations are isolated, fragmenting our thoughts and forcing us to piece together discussions from multiple locations.
  • Notifications are un-prioritized, stealing our attention by assuming whatever happened most recently is most important.
  • Contexts are fragmented,  spreading conversations from different aspects of our lives into separate accounts and compounding switching costs.

The Solution:

Sizung is developing an intelligent communication framework that promotes productive collaboration by tailoring our technology to mirror human cognition.

  • Conversations are unified, combining the virtues of email, messaging, and project management tools in a simple, unified logic.
  • Notifications are prioritized, using behavioral learning algorithms to navigate your content in order of importance while minimizing context switching.
  • Contexts are organized, integrating your conversations on one platform so you can navigate them effortlessly through a single interface.

Sizung’s mission is to lay the foundations for a global, collaborative ecosystem of individuals whose combined knowledge and expertise has the potential to solve the world’s most challenging issues. So join us, because we can’t wait to see what we can accomplish together.

Version 1 of our application is scheduled for release in the fall of 2017. Sign up for our beta release here! In the meantime, check out our blog to learn how we are already facilitating impactful collaborations in our community and pioneering a brighter future for digital communication.